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Saturday, June 26th, I attended and volunteered at the Tahoe City Xterra Trianthlon in support of my boyfriend, Damian Gonzalez, professional triathlete for the Williams Cycling Team. He received second place overall in the long race. The course consisted of a mile swim, twenty-two miles off-road moutain bike trail and a six mile run though the hills to the finish line. Approximate time of arrival was two hours and fourty-five minutes. If interested, you can read more about his races on his blog: Damian XP. Hanging-out with Damian has encourage my own fitness habits. He spends six days in training per week with two workouts a day. I started accompany him by rollerblading while he runs nine mile. He is also teaching me how to swim properly, I have always had difficulty with having my head underwater; but swimming is probably one of the best workouts for your arms, legs and stomach area to tone-up without overheating during the summer months. Damian and I will be at the Lodi Cycle Fest, July 11th, Downtown Lodi, California. He is organizing the race and I will be working as the Podium Girl. It is guaranteed to be a lot of fun! The course is a 0.8 mile figure 8 with tight turns, good pavement and brick. There will be a race every hour until 4pm; After party & raffle starts at 5pm.


  1. hey phebe! its lauren, kathryn's intern :) just started reading your blog posts, interesting! my boyfriend is a big swimmer/athlete too, but i can't put my face under water either! water gets in my nose.. any advice? hope to see you again sometime! you were great! -lauren

  2. It just takes alot of practice, first get comfortable with your kicking and positioning in the water. Make sure you breath in thru your mouth and out thru your nose. If you are breathing out thru your nose water wont get in, its all about timing and positioning of the body, make sure you keep your legs up and kicking. Also, the head shouldn't be to far out of the water, make sure to turn your shoulders to bring your face more towards the surface to breath-in. I am still working on perfecting swimming, but hope this helps. :)


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